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  • Research Designs
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This Is What You’re Getting When You Access P.O.D. Quick Profits:

Training Module 1: How to Get Started ($297 Value)
Learn the things you need to get started with Print on Demand Merchandise including how great of an opportunity this is, how to setup accounts, the types of products to create, how to research products and keywords to make the most money.
Module 1
Training Module 2: Setting Up Your Profit Base ($297 Value)
Learn how to setup your base for making profits over and over again. These tips will get you started fast and on your way to selling Print on Demand Merchandise.
Training Module 3: How to Create Products ($297 Value)
See how easy it is to make designs to sell on merchandise. Step-by-step easy directions for creating and adding products to sell, even if you have no design experience.
Training Module 4: Marketing Your Products ($297 Value)
It is important to optimize your product listings to get free traffic and more sales. This training shows you how to make your listings traffic magnets and also includes extra methods for getting traffic and making sales with marketing tips and tricks.
Training Module 5: Success Over Time
($297 Value)
As you build your store there are some things to think about and what it takes to be successful. Learn how to look at margins, watch your store analytics, and general tips to crush it long-term and be profitable.
Help & Support
I'm here for you and want you to succeed. You will get my personal help with any questions that you have.

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Blueprint Shortcut! This is a quick cheat sheet reference guide for all of the lessons covered in this course and something that can be saved for offline use or as a checklist.
BONUS #2: Secret Tips to Help You Make Sales and Crush Your Competition
My special list of the best TIPS to dominate your competitors and make even more sales with less effort!
Free Updates
BONUS #3: Future Updates and Additions to the Course 100% Free
I will add to and improve the course from student recommendations and you will get all future updates for FREE!

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What Do Some of My Previous Students Say About My Teaching Methods?

So far a really nice course very well explained. The instruction and lesson are clear and easy to understand. The course meets my expectation. Worth giving a try. Thank you Steve.
Debbie C.former student
Very informative! Steve gives a lot of information concerning many aspects of how to build your website and what to include in your website to bring customers to your website.
David D.former student
Very clear and informative , If you 're new in creating a website or blog so I highly recommend you that course. Very experienced instructor,
Hats off to you Sir~
Muhammed D.former student
Very well paced course that covers a ton of information in what seems like a very short time.
Chuck V.former student
Well structured course! Useful videos and downloadable material.
Isabel de O.former student
Very well spoken,free affiliate marketing tutorials.I love it.
Jeewan B.former student

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get started with this business?
Startup cost is minimal...the design can be done for free and most print on demand companies allow you to signup for free and you are not charged until an order is placed. Your biggest cost will be any fees to list your products and then a fee after the items sale.

What types of margins / profits can you make?
Margins range from smaller on mugs to very large on canvas art. Our training recommends having a variety of products that sell across the board for the biggest profit potential.

Can I do this on a Mac computer?
Yes, this all works for PC and Mac computers and you can create designs and most of the work is done on the websites of the services we will be using!

Do I need design software or to be a graphic designer to do this?
Absolutely not...I'm not the best graphic designer and I have made many sales with basic designs. I like Photoshop, which is paid software BUT you can use FREE software online and that you can download for PC and MAC that works just as good.

How much time a week do I need to work on this business?
Entirely up to you...the more work you put in the better. I show you how to quickly create designs and and get them posted so you can start making sales quickly. You can start off with just a few hours a week in your spare time to get this going if you want.

How quickly will I start making money?
As with any online business there is NO GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL MAKE MONEY. I was able to make sales on one of my first designs and it is possible if you do things the right way, but it might take a few designs before it happens. Very hard to predict when you will make your first sale but this course will give you all the tools you need to be successful. The feeling you get when one of your products takes off is a rush...

Earnings Disclaimer: The facts and figures above are from our experiences and results we have come across during our research. Any earnings, traffic or income statements, or earnings, traffic or income examples, are only estimates of what we think you could earn and what others, including the author of this course have claimed to earn. There is no assurance you’ll do as well or that you will earn any money at all. If you rely upon our figures, you must accept the risk of not doing as well due to a large number of variables: your marketplace, niche, work ethic, the number of available customers, market conditions, etc. For educational and informational purposes only.

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